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Investment Opportunities in Arowana Farming and Arowana Breeding

Asian Arowana / Dragon Fish

Mystical Beliefs:-

According to Chinese belief, dragon symbolizes prosperity, good fortune, strength and power. Many Geomancer or Feng Shui Masters believe that the Golden Arowana or  Dragon Fish can helps to ward off evil and misfortune.  Beside its mythical beliefs, Asian Golden Arowana or Dragon Fish also know for its beauty slender  body and its distinct and large reflective scales which resemble the majestic and mighty dragon.

Hobby & Feng Shui:-

Business man keeping the Gold Arowana or Asian fresh water Dragon Fish is to maintain prosperous and growing business. Freshwater aquarium fish hobbyist keep arowana fish aquariums at home is to bring good luck and ward off evil.

Thus, it is a favorite in many homes and offices but it's beauties (arowana price) don't come cheap. Depending on the quality and variety, an full grown RTG Arowana or Dragon Fish can come with a five figure price tag.

The high price tag is due to supply is much lesser than demand. Asian Arowana can only be bred in a specific climate in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysian.

However, besides keeping them for viewing pleasure and mythical beliefs, Dragon Fish lovers can also turn their hobby into a money making business opportunities.


Investment Opportunities in Asian Gold Arowana Farming:-

Asian golden arowana is one of the most expensive fish in the world due to the high demand and low supply. Asian Golden Arowana breeding is not easy, it will take an average of about 3 to 5 years to reach maturity for breeding. Each Asian Golden Arowana will spawn at different times of the year. The breeding cycle is around 1-2 times per year. There are very rare instances where an arowana will spawn 3 times in a year.

Till now, even the expert rtg arowana breeder still cannot tell the sex different of the rtg arowana until they started to breed. And also, you cannot just choose their mating partner yourself, not like any tropical fresh water fish such as  guppies, mollies, goldfish etc..., they will only choose their own mating partner. Thus, rtg arowana breeding you have to breed in a group of 20 to 25 in the same pond. Thereafter, wish you Good Luck.

Yes, whether your stock will breed or not and the number of eggs or baby golden arowana they give you are all depend on luck, lots of good luck.

The current demand of the market has exceeded the quantity available, thus the price of asian gold arowana are rising continuously, especially the Asian Red Arowana and the Xback.

Because of the high price being a good investment opportunity, asian arowana hobbyists and investors will usually buy 1 to 10 pieces of young asian arowana and keep at their home until they had growth to adult size and sell off to make a profit of 3 to 8 times of the original value, depending on the quality.

To ensure the golden arowana looks beautiful and majestical like a dragon, you need lots of intensive care during its growing phase. It requires passion, commitment and know how to raise and maintain a majestic dragon fish. That could mean lots of time and money has to be spent on it. Thus, only the affordable and rich can afford to buy asian arowana. Therefore, keeping asian arrowana or freshwater dragon fish is not only just a hobby, but a representation of one's status.

If you are interested to farm and breed Asian Golden Arowana / freshwater Dragon Fish, please contact us and we will be interested to work with you.


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